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How to Be a Star Player | PAWCast Episode 44 | Veterinary Podcast

January 8, 2021

Veterinary teams need high performers, so everyone is looking for a silver bullet employee or doctor either on their team or as an outside hire. But, before we can even get close to that, we have to know what a star player is, as well as what it isn't.

Star players are an ideal combination of high potential and high performance. They can do a lot, and they do it well. They integrate into and engage with process well. They align with the team's shared purpose and core values.

But not everyone will be a star player. Some of us are backbones. Some of us are problem children. Some of us are...Icebergs.

In this episode of the PAWCast, we explore the details of the performance/potential grid and what it means to be a star player, as well as how to setup a veterinary clinic to have the processes necessary to CREATE star players.

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